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Standing desk trends and statistics
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Standing Desk Trends and Statistics

lift tables is actually beneficial to reduce the risk of weight gain and obesity, because prolonged sitting has a great impact on weight gain, but standing for an appropriate time can reduce these effects, and this type of table It can help us maintain a standing posture for a fixed period of time, because its desktop can be raised very high, and everyone can continue to study and work even when standing.

2. People with muscle soreness

Long-term sitting brought about by study and work can easily cause some muscles to be in a state of tension for a long time. After a long time, it is naturally prone to soreness. Using a smart lift table can effectively avoid this problem. While working efficiently, it can also relax the muscles within a certain period of time and reduce muscle soreness.

The smart lift table actually has a good relieving effect on many diseases caused by prolonged sitting, so if you stay in a sedentary state for a long time, purchasing this table can effectively relieve your symptoms to a certain extent." data-mode="1">

Who are the smart lift tables more suitable for?

At present, the elevating study table is favored by parents. More and more parents choose elevating study table for their children's physical and mental health and in order to create a better learning environment for their children, which can improve the child's poor sitting posture. And it can also improve the child's attention. So, what should be paid attention to when choosing a lifting study table?
1. The material of the desktop

When choosing an elevating study table, you must pay attention to the material of the table top, and choose environmentally friendly products. Such products are more in line with national standards, will not release harmful gases, and will not endanger the physical and mental health of children. Of course, you should also pay attention to the size of the desktop. A desktop with a suitable size has better performance.

2. Stability

When choosing an elevating study table, you should pay attention to stability. The stability is directly related to the motor of the elevating table. Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality of the motor, and choose a motor from a big brand product to ensure more stable performance.

3. After rounded corner treatment

Generally speaking, lifting desks should be rounded, especially for children. Such rounded corners are safer and can effectively prevent children from bumping during use.

In short, the selection of the lifting study table must pay attention to the material, the stability, and the rounded corner treatment. Only when these are considered carefully, can the appropriate one be selected." data-mode="1">

What should be paid attention to when choosing a lifting study table?

Many people in the workplace have such hardships. Because they sit in the office for a long time and have no time to exercise, they have many health problems, such as cervical spondylosis, hemorrhoids, lumbar disc herniation, blurred vision, tendinitis and other problems. Before the popularity of lift desks, there was nothing people could do about the status quo. When the lifting table was invented, it became a good friend and a good partner for people in the workplace.

First of all, long-term sitting is more harmful, and lifting desks allow people to work not only sitting but also standing, which greatly reduces the risk of people suffering from lumbar disc herniation. Because of its height-adjustable advantages, it is deeply loved by people in the office and improves the sub-health status of the workplace.

Secondly, some lift desks are relatively small and can be carried around, which makes them a good partner for working people who often travel for office work. When you go out to work, you can't always find a suitable place. The lift desk can be carried with you, and the height can be adjusted to work anytime, anywhere. At the same time, it will not disturb others. You don't have to worry about its stability either, the feet of the lift desk are non-slip and stable.

In this way, raising and lowering desks is really a boon for people in the workplace. It not only facilitates our work, but also alleviates our health problems. Therefore, it is now very popular among professionals." data-mode="1">

Lifting the desk becomes a good partner for the workplace

At present, there are many kinds of lifting desk stands on the market. Among them, the intelligent liftable desk stand is more popular. Generally speaking, it is powered by electricity, and the height of the liftable desk can be effectively adjusted by controlling the mechanical device through the motor. . At present, the liftable desk frame has entered the modern office. What are its characteristics?
1. Free lifting
The biggest feature of the liftable desk stand is the freedom of lifting and lowering. Each user can choose the appropriate height according to their actual use or their actual height. Of course, the staff can also choose to stand or sit to work. , This office method of standing and sitting alternately can effectively improve their concentration and improve work efficiency.
2. Simple operation
The operation of the electric liftable table frame is very simple. You only need to gently press the current on the lift table frame to automatically adjust the height without causing any trouble for the staff to use or work.

3. Memory function storage
The electric liftable car also has a memory storage function, that is to say, it can adjust the function keys to a certain fixed position according to the user's own suitable height, so that the next time it is lifted and lowered, it can be automatically reached. this location.

In addition, the appearance of the liftable desk frame is relatively simple and elegant, and it is in line with the international office trend, which is favored by modern workers." data-mode="1">

What are the characteristics of the adjustable desk stand?

You may have seen the automatic lift table. After all, it is a relatively common office furniture in work, but have you ever understood the advantages of this kind of table? It doesn't matter if you don't know, let's take everyone to find out.

1. Applicable to a variety of environments

This kind of lift table can be used in various environments, because it can adjust the height of the desktop according to the specific changes of the environment, and can also change the height of the desktop according to the needs of different users. If it is a child, then its height can be Lower, and if you are an adult, you can adjust it to the highest.

2. no manual adjustment

There are many types of desks, but automatic desks are probably the only ones that don't require manual adjustment. With just a touch of a button, the desktop can be adjusted automatically, and it can be paused when it is adjusted to the height you want. Compared with other types of lift tables, the height is more optional and easier to operate. It is a good choice for families with only the elderly or children at home.

In fact, the advantages of automatic lifting tables are very practical for us. After all, the weight of some desktops is difficult for ordinary people to bear, and it is not so easy to adjust, so the automatic lifting table is more friendly to us. Some of them will be applicable to a wider range of people." data-mode="1">

What are the benefits of using an automatic lift table?

Now more and more schools and families have purchased mobile elevating desks for their children. So, what are the advantages of this desk? Why is it favored?

1. Correct sitting posture

When some children are very young, because of the incorrect sitting posture, they are hunched over or short-sighted, especially high school students. The desk will make them sore back and affect their learning efficiency. With the mobile elevating desk, students can adjust the appropriate height according to their own height, and can correct their sitting posture.

2. Sitting is more comfortable

The mobile lifting desk adopts the principle of ergonomics, the principle of the best viewing angle, the principle of body pressure sharing, and the principle of environmental interference, etc. It is afraid that it will make the child more comfortable to sit, and it can help the child to prevent hunchback to the greatest extent, and has better eyesight. It has a good protective effect, but also can concentrate and improve the learning effect.

3. Higher safety factor

The lines of the mobile lift desk are smooth and smooth, and the round or arc edge is used. The material is environmentally friendly material and has a higher safety factor. It keeps children away from desks and chairs with sharp angles and hard and rough surfaces, making it safer for children. pamper.

The mobile lift desk has the above advantages, so it will be favored. So, is your child still using the traditional desk, hurry up and replace it." data-mode="1">

The three major advantages of mobile elevating desks are popular for a reason!

The electric lift desk is a new product specially developed for those who sit for a long time. It conforms to the principle of ergonomic design, and controls the lifting and lowering through intelligent buttons, so that it can be easily realized, standing office and sitting office. Alternately, it can effectively relieve the fatigue caused by sitting or standing for a long time. So, how to choose an electric lift table?

1. Environmental protection
When choosing an electric lifting table, you should consider the material of the desktop and the table frame, considering the health, environmental protection, and durable performance. I believe this is also the basic requirement of many people for electric lifting tables. A good desktop is made of environmentally friendly boards, with low formaldehyde emission, safety and no peculiar smell.
2. Durable
The table frame of the electric lift table is the load-bearing core of the table, so when choosing, you should choose a thick plate, ordinary steel, the service life is relatively short, and it is easy to deform during use, and the stability is very poor. , Relatively speaking, the cold-rolled steel table frame is harder in texture, more stable in structure, stronger in bearing capacity, and not easy to deform after long-term use.
In addition, the choice of electric lifting table still needs to consider many aspects, such as the motor. The motor is the core of the electric lifting table. When choosing, you should pay more attention to its quality, and also pay attention to the stability of the lifting table." data-mode="1">

How to choose an electric lift table? Consider these points!

The inconspicuous lift table actually has a lot of accessories. Many friends who like to do it themselves may want to try to install it by themselves. Can the accessories of the lift table be installed by yourself? In a certain range, it is actually possible, and I will give you a brief introduction below.

1. Automatic lift table
The automatic lifting table accessories are not recommended for you to install by yourself, because it may involve circuit installation and the installation of some more complex but fine small parts, which is relatively difficult. Unless you have a better understanding of this aspect, it is not recommended that you try it easily Getting it wrong can lead to problems with the use of the entire desk.

2. Manual lift table
You can try the accessories of the manual lifting table yourself, because its overall structure is relatively simple, and the number of specific accessories involved is not particularly large. Even if the installation is wrong, it is easier to correct, so if you are interested If so, you can try it yourself.
In fact, if you are really inexperienced in the installation of lifting table accessories, it is best not to try it. Although it can be disassembled, it is more troublesome to disassemble some parts. In the end, you still need to find a professional for help, so everyone is really inexperienced. If so, it is best to find a professional to install it, which can reduce a lot of trouble." data-mode="1">

Can the lift table accessories be installed by myself?

In order to counteract the health problems caused by prolonged sitting and offset the physical damage caused by long-term inactivity, a growing trend - the standing office style has quietly emerged. Therefore, the intelligent office lifting table gradually entered the public eye.
More and more families have begun to purchase smart standing desk for their families to work and study, and more and more companies have gradually begun to purchase smart office desks for their employees. A survey by the American Society for Human Resource Management found that smart desks are the fastest growing corporate wellbeing trend. In 2013, 13% of employers provided or financed the purchase of smart office desks, up from 44% in 2017 and 60% in 2019.

Next, I will share with you some research on the benefits of smart office desks.
1-Increase body consumption and avoid excessive obesity
According to a study by the Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management, standing burns only 10% more calories than sitting. The researchers asked 74 people to wear masks that measure oxygen consumption and followed three groups of participants. They found that the seated participants burned 80 calories per hour, the standing participants burned 88 calories per hour, and the walking participants burned 210 calories per hour.
2 - Improve work efficiency and increase productivity
3 - Be energetic every day and keep a good mood
Many people who sit all day because of poor posture can compress nerves, reduce blood flow, and aggravate pressure points, which can lead to neck and back pain.
Experts believe that the use of smart office desks can reduce back pain, because users can use the smart desk to sit and stand alternately, avoid sitting in the seat for a long time, and increase the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the back and neck. Oxygen and nutrient cycling." data-mode="1">

Do you know the benefits of smart office desks?

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