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Time: 2022.4.30

Before and after cleaning
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Weekly Cleaning

Time: 2022.3.18

Quality as the lifeblood of the enterprise, the product quality is bad, will lose the market, no market, the enterprise will lose life. Therefore, as an enterprise staff, must have this determination and desire to improve product quality, which means that all staff of the enterprise is required to establish a good sense of quality.
Good communication can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of self and colleagues in the daily inspection work, so that they and their colleagues can have a deeper understanding of quality, in order to understand the performance of product requirements in order to do a better job of inspection, more efficient, according to ISO input process control output customer satisfaction with the spirit of the product "say what they write, write what they do, do what they say According to the principle of "say what you write, write what you do, and do what you say", we will record the inspection results so that we can quickly know the cause of the abnormality, communicate with the production, analyze the cause of the abnormality, and find the solution from the production line to IQC and suppliers to form layers of firewall, and actively assist the production line to reduce the defect, improve the quality, and achieve the quality and production capacity to improve the indicators.

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Quality training for production line backbone & technicians

Time: 2022.2.20

The first week after the Chinese New Year, the company organized a group building activity for colleagues in the general assembly group to welcome new colleagues, start a new year and meet new challenges.
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Group building activity of Chikang Drive assembly group

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