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TV frame manual (WN)

Another 60% of office furniture is sold through retail and online channels, such as IKEA, Amazon, etc. With very few exceptions, these sellers do not have their products tested in independent labs to see if they meet BIFMA's durability standards. They have no reason to do so because their buyers have probably never heard of the acronym ANSI/BIFMA and often have low expectations of their durability. More and more businesses, government agencies and educational institutions are now buying as many office furniture products as possible through e-commerce, and meeting BIFMA remains a prerequisite for these customers.

What BIFMA does and does not require in terms of testing standing desk

In the standards document on standing desk, tests for "top loading, ease of loading, locking mechanisms, expandable elements or roll out shelf cycles, out of station, bounce, brackets, leg strength, horizontal and vertical adjustment, stability, cycle testing of telescopic doors, interlocks, drop testing of telescopic doors and unit drops" are discussed. In their own words, "This standard establishes acceptance levels to help ensure reasonable safety and performance, independent of construction materials, manufacturing processes, mechanical design or aesthetic design."

The lab that performs BIFMA testing on standing desk is a custom lab that performs thousands of cycles on the product, usually over a period of one to three weeks, depending on the duty cycle of the motor. Robotic sensors and actuators will simulate the user's usage habits by repeatedly moving it up and down, rocking it back and forth, and trying to make it tip over. In other words, the lab will constantly torture the table to try to make it not meet the standards. For a product to be labeled as certified to a specific standard, it must pass all the tests defined in that standard.

If there are any electrical components on the table, BIFMA will require them to be tested to UL standards as well. The classic "shake and bake" test to see if the product catches fire, emits toxic fumes, explodes or otherwise injures the user will usually render the product unusable at the end of the test. This is just part of the cost of a robust certification process.

While a specific height range is not a requirement for lift desks to be ANSI/BIFMA certified, marketers often confuse BIFMA's G1 ergonomic guidelines with the actual testing standards for the desks themselves. The recommended minimum height for a standing desk is 22 inches (558.8mm) and the maximum height is 46.5 inches (1,181mm). According to the 2010 census, this should satisfy 90% of the U.S. population. By comparison, the European standard is 3 inches higher than the U.S. one, and by some estimates, it is more correct and practical than the range specified by BIFMA.

One thing to understand about the G1 guidelines is that they are not a requirement of the BIFMA product testing standards, especially when it comes to standing desks. Many desk manufacturers mistakenly believe, and therefore mislead their customers, that a height adjustment range of 22" - 46.5" is a requirement for BIFMA certification. In fact, designing desks to meet the G1 height range will only disappoint customers who really want the more common 24" (601mm) - 50" (1270mm) height range desks available today.

ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 is the standard for durable "contract grade" furniture, and the G1 ergonomic recommendations document has not kept up with the rapid changes in real-world technology.

Questions about the ANSI/BIFMA standard for standing desks

This can be attributed to the following points.

① The recommended maximum height of 46.5 inches is not enough for taller people to reach the keyboard while maintaining an ergonomic working position. This is especially true when installing an under-desk keyboard tray, which requires a greater maximum work surface height for typing while standing.

② Many stand-alone standing desk bases are marketed as ANSI/BIFMA compliant, but this can be misleading. The only way to test a pedestal is to mount a specific desktop on it. BIFMA test labs will always ask for samples of the smallest and largest desktops sold in any "desk system" and will automatically certify all dimensions in between, but there is simply no standard for testing individual pedestal frames.

③ Lab testing will not show the results of any one desk model's stability or durability compared to any of its peers. This is what we do when we test desks in our own lab. If BIFMA's certification did include numerical results from their tests, such as the frequency and amplitude of oscillations when testing the lateral force of a quarter-height standing desk, it would save us a lot of time and effort.


We always give extra points for desks that can exceed the ANSI/BIFMA ergonomic adjustment range recommendations, especially at the high end. These will be the most stable desks at any given height because of the increased area of overlap between the segments of the lifting column.

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What is ANSI/BIFMA and how does it relate to standing desks?

Factory Relocation Notice

Standing office has become a popular trend, representing a new way of working. As early as 2011, Facebook, a social networking company, began to implement standing office work. More than 200 employees have chosen a "standing desk", which allows employees to adjust the height of the desktop by themselves. "Standing office" is not "one stop to the end", but can support different office modes. A desk that can be raised and lowered solves this problem, and users can switch working modes by adjusting the height of the countertop.
Godaddy, which has the open spirit of Silicon Valley, besides the design style of the office area is very close to nature, and the interior is equipped with leisure and entertainment facilities. It also provides standing desks for employees to work more comfortably, and advocates standing office.
From the perspective of the future work mode, the lift desk will gradually replace the ordinary desk and become an ideal office standard.
Disadvantages of traditional desks
Single style and weak sense of design make the office lose its vitality
Unable to lift, work all day, the cervical spine will be damaged
Advantages of intelligent lifting table
Innovative technology, intelligent design, and futuristic
Environmental protection material, power saving mode, adhere to the concept of green and health
One-key control, height adjustment, to achieve alternate work between standing and sitting
With the drive of science and technology companies, more and more forward-looking companies will continue to increase their investment in the office environment, and are committed to creating a healthy and comfortable office space for their employees.
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Ordinary desk VS standing desk, who is the ideal office standard?

The changes of the times often lead to the upgrading of the industrial belt. The office furniture industry has emerged a dark horse new star product in the new era - the lifting table, which is a table that can be lifted and lowered. During the use process, consumers can stand and work. You can also sit and work. This seemingly fresh sit-stand alternative office is not something that only happened in recent years! The origin of the lift table can be said to have gone through a period of history, let's take a look below!

The design concept of the lifting table is derived from the evolution of human beings from walking on four limbs to walking upright. After investigating the development history of furniture in the world, relevant researchers found that in daily activities, sitting down after walking upright is conducive to reducing fatigue. , thus inventing the seat. This way of sitting and working has been passed down, but as people spend more and more time sitting and working, people gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency. Gradually, the humanized lifting table appeared.


With the emergence of the lifting table and gradually attracting attention for a long time, the product itself has undergone many transformations and upgrades, from manual to automatic to one-button with memory function, constantly combining with modern technology, Make products more and more simple, and more suitable for modern office style compared with traditional products.

Nowadays, as the standard of modern office life, lift desks have become the favorite of many young office workers. Only need simple operation, no matter manual or automatic, you can enjoy working happily. In foreign countries, movable lift tables have entered many schools, homes and companies. In China, more and more people have realized the harm of sitting for a long time, and the extension of a lift desk product is in the stage of rapid popularization.

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The origin and development history of the concept of lifting table

Standing desks have been around for hundreds of years, although modern designs serve a different purpose than antique designs. In the 18th and 19th centuries, standing desks were considered a sign of prestige. Today, they are an ergonomic option for those looking to reduce pain and discomfort.
As the name suggests, a standing desk is a desk where the user stands instead of sitting. Standing desks are designed so that users can easily stand and perform tasks without having to crouch or elevate. In fact, standing desks in the past were often measured to precisely match the user's height and needs. Due to the bespoke nature of standing tables, only the wealthy can afford them.
While modern standing desks don't necessarily have to fit exactly one user, they have certain features that allow users of different heights to use the same desk. The most common method is to tilt the desk surface. This way, each user can slide the job to the position that best suits their height.
The legs of the standing desk are also adjustable. This way, the surface can be kept flat while its height can be adjusted. This design is less popular with many users because it is more difficult and time-consuming to make adjustments each time than with a tilted model. Another option for a standing desk is to place a base near it on which various users can stand to achieve the appropriate height. However, this solution is often impractical because most users want the freedom to move back and forth while using a standing desk.
A popular solution for standing desks is to adapt the surface to a variety of users. This design is usually the easiest to maneuver and can accommodate the largest number of users while still allowing the desk to have a horizontal area where items can be placed without having to worry about them falling. Often, the tabletop can also be raised to reveal the storage area below.
Proponents of using standing desks argue that they reduce back pain and injury compared to sit-stand desks. Some advocates also argue that standing desks could solve the growing problem of obese children in the United States because it encourages more activity and movement.
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What is a standing desk?

In the modern office environment, electric desk  are becoming more and more popular. So, what are the benefits of using electric conference lift tables? The following summarizes a few points for you.
1. Say goodbye to sedentary
The height of the electric conference lift table can be adjusted according to its actual use needs, and it can be used to sit or stand for office. Sitting for a long time is not good, and standing for a long time is also bad for the body. It is the best to alternate between standing and sitting. The electric conference lift table can meet the needs of people who alternate between standing and sitting.

2. Free mediation
Using the electric conference lift table display, users can automatically adjust the height of the table according to their own height and needs. Everyone's height is different, so they also have different needs for the height of the table. Office is more comfortable.
3. Say goodbye to sedentary fatigue
For those office workers, they have to work at the desk for more than eight hours a day. Sitting for a long time brings them great physical fatigue, and also causes a series of diseases, such as cervical spine, lumbar spine, shoulder spondylosis, etc. Etc., the use of an electric conference lift table can say goodbye to the fatigue of sitting for a long time.
All in all, the electric conference lift table can say goodbye to the trouble of sitting for a long time, and at the same time, you can adjust the height according to your own needs and improve work efficiency." data-mode="1">

What are the benefits of using an electric conference lift table in the office?

At present, there are many kinds of elevating tables on the market, and elevating tables are becoming more and more popular. People pay more attention to the price when purchasing elevating tables. So, what factors affect the price of elevating tables?
1. Material
The price of the lifting table of different materials will be different, and the lifting table of each material has its own advantages and its own application range. When purchasing a lift table, we should have an understanding of each material, understand their advantages and disadvantages, and then choose a more suitable lift table according to our own needs.

2. Brand
The prices of lift tables of different brands will also vary. The product quality of big brands is usually more guaranteed, and they can provide better after-sales service, so the price of lift tables of big brands is higher. But here I want to remind everyone not to blindly worship big brands, especially those imported brands. The price of these imported brands also includes the cost of brand marketing and promotion, that is, the brand premium. Therefore, when choosing a lift table, you should also fully consider the product's own value.
3. Details
The price of a lift table is also affected by other factors, such as quality issues. Lifting tables of the same material are made by different manufacturers, and there will definitely be some differences in the treatment of some details. Therefore, when purchasing a lifting table, you should not only pay attention to the price, but also pay attention to the details.
There are roughly three factors that affect the price of a lift table, but more than that. Then, when making a choice, you may wish to compare and consider the above aspects, so as to choose a suitable lift table." data-mode="1">

What factors affect the price of a lift table?

In fact, there are many advantages of a liftable desk. A liftable desk, as the name suggests, is a desk that can be raised and lowered. It can adjust the desk to a suitable height according to the height of the person. You can also choose to work standing or sitting, which is very convenient and comfortable. It can be said that the lift desk is a very advanced office supplies.
How to use the liftable desk
No matter what kind of table it is, you must pay attention to the correct use to make the table play its best role. for example:
1. The table should be adjusted reasonably, do not collide with the table, do not push the table frequently, otherwise the table will be damaged, which will shorten the service life of the table.
2. Be sure to pay attention to the maintenance of the lifting table. If you have any questions, you can also contact the manufacturer to provide you with after-sales service.
3. When choosing a lift table, choose a big brand, so you don't have to worry about quality and after-sales problems.
In a word, there are many advantages of elevating desks. If you want to work or study more comfortably, you can choose elevating desks.
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Is a liftable desk worth buying?

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